Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Jeng Jeng Jeng! =)


Book date: 29 April 2010
Confirmation Number: K1M7AG
Reservation Status: CONFIRMED

You will need to produce this itinerary, valid passports (for international flights) or photo ID (for domestic flights), and visas (where applicable) at check-in to receive your boarding card.
Check-In counters open 2 hours prior to scheduled departure and closes strictly 45 minutes before departure (for flights departing India only, check-in opens 3 hours prior to departure and closes 1 hour before departure).

Flight Itinerary - CONFIRMED
Departing - Perth (PER) to Singapore (SIN)
Wednesday, xx Dec 10 Flight TR2717
Depart Perth (PER) at 21:35 and arrive in Singapore (SIN) at 02:50 (next day)

Returning - Singapore (SIN) to Perth (PER)
Sunday, xx Feb 11 Flight TR2716
Depart Singapore (SIN) at 15:50 and arrive in Perth (PER) at 21:05

Rezaly, Siti zaharah 01A

Rezaly, Siti zaharah Unassigned

Lowest Fare 259.77 AUD
Lowest Fare 79.59 AUD
1 Convenience fee 12.00 AUD
1 Base Seat fees 30.00 AUD
Taxes 216.22 AUD
Total Price 597.58 AUD

XXXXXX2279 597.58 AUD
Amount Paid 597.58 AUD

JENG JENG JENG!!!! Im coming back people!!! yahoooooooooooooo!!! Malaysia here i comeeee!!! But actually i'll be arriving Singapore first. haha excited ok EXCITED!!

p/s: Wait for me.. =) Surprised!

Thanx Kak.. :)

Semalam borak2 ngan kak wani thru ym. rinduuuuuuuuuuuuuu.. lama dah tak borak2.. kakak tanya nk apa2 dr malaysia tak. and dia kata nak pos serunding. T__T tak da benda lain ke kak?? ketam ke.. oh sambal ketam mama!! sedappp nyaaaaaaaa.. tp tak leh pos serunding laaa.. :(

And sebagai balasan kena post key-chain and poskad kat dia. hahaha. bolehhhhhhhhh... key-chain kangaroo laaa.. bising sgt nk kangaroo.. :p

Thanx kak... for everything. For the advices and love. xoxo

p/s: tgh pikir nak mntak apa dr kakak eh? hurrmmm...

Monday, April 26, 2010

Shit la.

Ko nak apa?? Aku dah kata tak nak kan. Blah je laa.. semak la pale aku. Aku tak nk add ko kt fb aku punya suka la. Aku nya fb ke ko. MR STALKER, sila jgn buat sy hilang sbr. Yes this entry is for you. Lagi sekali ko tepon2 umah aku, aku campak je tepon nih bg takda line terus. Semakkk tau tak semakkkk... Jangan ikut2 akulaaa.. aku gi laundry pun nmpk muka ko. Ko nih takda keje lain ke ha? STALKERR! blah7623471567461289x. Ko tau je bila aku nk kuar kan. eeeeeeeeeeeeiiii.. benci tahap gaban tauu takk! Ko nih mmg buat life aku miserable. GET LOST!

*thanx for reading, yes you.*


Mood = emo*

I wish...

It keeps pounding in my head every time I lay in my bed..
It's a memory of you and me...
The things we've said or did.
I begin to think and my heart wants to sink.
When I was with you I felt something so true.
Now, I say..
what I am going to do??
I see when you walk on by feels like I could cry.
And tears build up in my eyes,
I still have feelings I can't deny.
Hoping you'd come home tonight,
and hold me tight.
Wishing you'd tell me "everything's gonna be alright."
Nothing ever feels right.
I know I can't let go.
I still love you so...
I keep wishing we'd be together,
where it's us again.
That we'd last forever and ever~~

Would never end.

I would just like to say
For all the times I made you sad
All the times I ruined your day
When I caused pain or made you mad

For all the tears I caused
For all the happy times I missed
All the time I lost
I know its a never ending list

I will whatever it takes
To have you forgive me
I know understand my mistakes
I will be better you will see..


Yesssssss!!! At last i can ride a bike!!! Thanx to Yohes.. I really loveee it.. It will be my new hobby after this. Next week we ride till Hanley Beach ok? Im so in love with my new hobby. Last two days i went for swimming. Fidel teach us how to swim. I like it!! Oh ya! We went for jakuzi and stim too. Will do the activity like every week. Yohesss!!! Our aim is 45kg! Remember that. ;)

*oh feel so hungry*


Sometimes I feel so empty,
Sometimes I feel so lonely..
I keep wishing you didn't set me free!
What was this supposed to be?
I thought we were in love,
where my feelings kept on soaring above...
I fall deep, for what I keep.
I want what we had, or could have had.
Where it was meant to be
just for you and me.... (~,~")

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sorry is not enough.

We only have one word for sorry
But I don't think its enough.
You loved me once, perhaps as much
As I thought I loved you:
I saw the signs but can ignore
As well as I can see.

There is none so blind as the foolish ones
Who pluck out their own eyes.

I thought that love would see us through,
That faith would be enough.
Yours was weaker or mine too deep
You saw that it would end.

I'm jealous that you saw that truth,
I hate you for breaking us up.
Only now do I see that I always
Hated you as I loved you
In equal measure...

Dear Housemate.

Whether the day is good or bad,
Whether I'm feeling happy or sad,
If I have a need, you’ll comprehend;
You’ll be there to share and be a friend.

Other people may fill my day,
But never in such an important way;
We support each other ‘round all life’s bends,
It feels so good that we are friends.

Don't ever start.

Don't try to act childish coz u'll regret it when i start back off. U want to play my games? Ill be please to have it. Dang! Dont make me start again. :) Dont you dare to make me start it all over again. :) Im not a kids anymore. So pls understand where am i now. As long as you know what am i doing i think it shud be enough rite?

Have a nice day!Daaa..

Mood = sick and annoying*

Friday, April 23, 2010


Yeah tonite i have party in my house. First time for this 3 month. 46 people will come to my house for the party. Phewwwww quit a number rite? haha. We have tomato rice, Seafood fried noodles, Cocktail, lemon juice, cheese cake, brownies, and fruits. ;) Its gonna be fun!!

Ill upload the pic later. Got to go. I have swimming class now.



Sorry bloggie. Im kinda long time didnt update anything in you. Injured. :(( damn. Here and there. I shud take care of my health. Eat well. Exercise well. I have bleeding comin out from my nose. :( Maybe i cant really adapt with the weather. Yeah still cannot take it. hurrmmm...

And i did 2 test so far. kinda hard actually. But i think ive survive till the end. huhuhu.. Pray for me. Ive another test early may as well.


Friday, April 16, 2010

The Rain...

Smiling as you say goodbye
You told me to be happy as though nothing was wrong
Watching your back as you walked away
I prayed you wouldn't cry because of me
If I see the falling tears I can't leave
I can't let you go but..
Because the rain was falling It was really okay
Because I couldn't see your tears it was okay
Because it was okay i couldn't hold you back
Because the rain that could erase the painful memories in your heart
Was falling down..
Because your heart was crying
Because the rain was falling
Because my heart was crying
Because the rain was falling
Because I loved you, I couldn't hold you back
To embrace the sadness in your clear and gentle life
I think I may become the rain.....

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I want It!

OMG! i really want those camera. :( Phon Lok is selling it to me. He sell it for AUD600 for both lens!! I want it so badly. Goshhhh.. How am I gonna buy it?no money.. :( There must be a way rite? But HOW? Ppl help me to find the way. If only Im working.. haiishhh..

Stressed! T_T


If you know me better than anyone else you should learn to understand me well.



Hurts? I dont think its the right words to describe what i feels now. Im just lost. Lost in my own world. This time its really make me hurts like so much. Everyones likes leaving me alone. Good. :) I dont want to do anytg. I just let time decide whats best for me.

Im sorry if i hurts u in anyways. I let you know what i kept inside. But then I have too. I dont want to feel guilty at the end of time. stop making jokes of me. Im telling you the truth! You should listen. Not ignoring me. Lets just finish and revill everytg. Theres no point to keep it and act like notg happen. Ive tried to accept everytg but i just cant.. I dont want to hurts u in the future. Im sorry. I just cant take it anymore. Not for now. Sorry.

Its hard for me to get everytgs back to normal. But ive tried. But. You still hurts me.. Like so much. Thanx to you.Ive tried.. Im sorry.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Getting me frustrated day by day. Take my heart away day by day. Hurts me without realizing! And You!don't ask me why i didn't hold on my promise! Don't ask me why im doing diz and dat! Ask yourself! You make me regret for the whole of my life! Ask yourself!

I know i'm stupid to tell you sincerely that i love you. And i truly said that i make mistake! Is it wrong for me to be stupid for the person I loved??I said i choose you rather than him! Im sooo damn fuckin stupid! And now what the hell are you saying to me?? U make jokes of it. U think its easy for me huh to tell everything about what i kept inside?? u think its easy for me to accept everything and pretend nothing happens??And that will be the last time ill say it.NO MORE! I'm hurts!!!

Who gonna make me feel better?? Who?? I'm alone here! In this fuckin' city! ALONE! you think i like it hanging around here and there without someones holding my hand? smile at me? hugs me??? Care for me? At least you are there. You know everyone's there. U can smile even though its all fakes. You can hang around with others and they cares about you. Me?? I have to take care of myself. Do everything for myself too! Don't say it easy for me if you really know me well! You no need to make jokes of what im saying. No need to ask me whether is it true or not. Don't ask me anything! Are you really keep your promise either? You are the one who make the promises. Who's the one who telling me that he wont hurts me in anyway! Wont let me cry even once! What the hell is that? Maybe you think I treat you like a doll! Huh! Im all alone in this fuckin' city! Who cares rite? Have you ever know what i feels too??? Did I mentioned what im really facing here?? Did I? No rite?? You make me feel like so hurtful now! You can leave happily there. And even if you are not happy i don't want to know. If someone entertain you in anyways also i didn't want to give a damn!

Im sooo stressssedddd! Dammit!



Sunday, April 11, 2010

Girl Just Wanna Have Fun.

Its getting colder day by day. Dammit. How am I gonna bear with it?? I hate to feel uncomfortable.. :( Yesterday i went to play futsal with Yohes. I wake up like early morning coz i cant really sleep. Then change my clothes and get out from the house without taking any food except chocolate. aha! It was really fun. Other players seem friendly (for now) and I have to go for training like every week. We have a match in Canberra this July. Kind of excited. ngggeeeeeee.. Wish me luck ppl!

And today's activity was fun too! Im going out to the Indonesian Festival. Its near Rundle Street. Theres a lot of foods and entertainment as well. And guess what they are playing dangdut songs in Adelaideee!! haahahhahah.. COOOOOLLL.. i bought so many foods like Soto ayam, mango puding, pepes ayam (but i dont like it) and prawn crackers. hahahha. i know it sound like normal dishes in Malaysia. But i was craving for it since last two months ppl! And i reach there like soo early. Around 11 and go back at 4.hahahha. taking pics and yeah ppl thinks im kinda papparazi coz i take photo a lots! I loveeeddd to take photo and be in the pic also. hehehehe.

I just have another one week holiday. :( so sad. so many things wanna do. But i already plan everytg. I want to have activity for the whole week. Im kinda stressed now a days and i dont want to think bout it like so much. For this week i have plan to go to Handroff and hiking. dammnn! cant wait for that. Maybe ull think what they have at Handroff?? You just wait and see. Ill upload the photo here and show to u. :) What i can tell you is it will have beautiful scenery ( depends on my photography skill.heh)

p/s: ill upload the indofest photo later. ;) toodlee!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Mission accomplished. Assignment dah siap. And dah bleh submit dah. Oh God thanx a lot.. Eventhough so many things happen lately in my life, but you make me strong. Strong to fight everytgs that come in front of me. I dont want to be alone.. Pls help me. And more workk to come plsssss.. I need work! To not think about what my mind was thinking. I want worrkkk!Loads of work!

Be Good, zaza!

Note to myself.
Must be always good.
So no one will worry bout me.
No one.
Be good.
Yes. Pls. Pls. Pls.