Saturday, June 5, 2010

Till here. :)

Dear Diary,

Thanx for accompany me for this past 5 years. ;)
You knows everytg. haha.
Rest in Peace.

I love you.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Saya lihat gambar dia di dompet saya.
Saya rindu.
Saya lihat dia dalam mimpi saya.
Saya rindu.
Saya lihat dia dalam hari2 saya.
Saya rindu.
Saya lihat dia di mana2.
Saya terus-terusan rindu.

Saya bayangkan dia disini.
Menemani hari2 yang makin sukar.
Bergelak ketawa sama2.

Tapi apakan daya. Semakin rindu semakin payah rasanya. Diam. Diam. Jangan ulang lagi perkataan itu. Hati akan sakit.

Terpisah oleh lautan dunia, terpisah dek jutaan manusia, Terpisah kerna satu tanggungjawab, tapi HATI KAMI TETAP SATU.

Apakan daya..
Hati, menangis..

Sunday, May 16, 2010

She's my Model!

Model: Aliya Kozhakhmetova
Photo taken by: Me :)

Meet Aliya Kozhakhmetova peeps. :)

For the time being she's my model. I loveee to take photo and she likesss to be in the photo.. She wants me to do her model portfolio but im still learning lol. And today plans to Adelaide Hills is canceled. Im soo damn fuckin' worried bout you darling!!! But still i heart you. Love. xoxo.

Monday, May 10, 2010

My Favourite.

You are my favorite,
The only one i can talk to
About everything and anything
The only person I do cherish with all my heart
Who wipe my tears when im sad
Give me his hand when im fall

You are my favorite
The only one in my life
We fight everyday
We argue about everything
But still you are my favorite
A person who trust me so much
Yes you are.

Hold my hand and
Hugs me tightly
If God wants to test our love
Let it be..
Then we will stand strong
I know we can make it till the end baby,
I know we will.
I trust in you
Only you..
Only times will tell
Only times will show us the way..
The way that we really deserve
And we deserve to be together
After all that we've been through
Just me and you..

p/s: I love you <3

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Oh God.

Oh God! I really2 miss you. sooo much.
You always have my heart. You always there..
I always pray for us. I hope God knows how much I need you in my life.
I love you like soo much. No one can ever replace you.
Yes. No one.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

I love you.

Ive been alone with you inside my mind
And in my dreams I've kissed your lips a thousand times
I sometimes see you pass outside my door
Hello is it me you are looking for?
I can see it in your eyes
I can see it in your smile
You’re all I’ve ever wanted
And my arms are open wide
‘Cause you know just what to say
And you know just what to do
And I want to tell you so much
I love you…

I long to see the sunlight in your hair
And tell you time and time again how much I care
Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow
Hello, I’ve just got to let you know
Cause I wonder where you are And I wonder what you do?
Are you somewhere feeling lonely, or is someone loving you?
Tell me how to win your heart for I haven't got a clue
But let me start by saying....
I love you.....

Im missing you so badly.

To see you when I wake up is a gift and I didn't think it could be real...
You do something to me that I can't explain...
So would I be out of line if I said I miss you?
I see your picture. I smell your skin on the empty pillow next to mine...
I know I'll see you again...
In whether far or soon...
But I need you to know that I care, And I miss you..

p/s: i love you.