Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Lady Gaga Im Coming!!!

Hahahahah. I got the ticket for Lady Gaga concert this saturday!!! yeeeehoooo!!! got soo excited. Me and Savi planning to wear black shirt that day. So tomoro we r going to the Harbour Town to buy the shirt! hahahah. Its kinda cheap over there. Mood equals to excited! Seriously its an unexpected plan becoz we cant get the tix at first coz it was SOLD OUT! Suddenly, Savi's friend cant make it that day so she gave us her ticket. What a day! When i got the ticket from Savi i was screaming like HELL! hahahhah. Soo excited. And I'll take good picture then. hahahahaha. ;)


Funny Day!

Today i went to my Uni. I thought theres some graduation ceremony's going on in Uni building. And two of my friend, Len and Phon Lock was clapping their hand when a guy let go all the balloons to the air. They thought that it was the ending of the ceremony. When they are happily clapping their hand all people who are joining the ceremony was looking at them with a weird expression. And you know what ceremony is that??? Its a funeral ceremony. hahahahahahahhahaha. I WAS LAUGHING LIKE HELL!! we thought its a graduation ceremony becoz we saw some ppl wearing those gown. But then it s actually the academic letcurer is death and they are having the funeral ceremony at the uni building. hahhahahahaha. THAT WAS FUNNY!! hahahahahah.

Thank God I didnt ask for the balloonnn.. hahahah. Becoz at first i wanted to get one for myself. hahhahahahahahaaha. INSANE!

Quote of the day.

A person who truly Knows u & Loves u,
is someone who sees the pain in your eyes
while EVERYONE ELSE still believes
in the smile on your face...


Saturday, March 27, 2010


Oh God!
Pls help me.
Assignment, tutorial, workshop!!
Works coming like crazyyy...
Ill be nerdy..
My head gonna explodee!

Friday, March 26, 2010

What a Day!

Grrr... last friday i have a class at 8am. Best thing is no bus such an early morning so me n xiao hui have to walk to Uni. Nooooo! We are not that stupid so we walk for a tram to come at Victoria Square. =) Finish the tutorial class at 9 then have to wait for another class at 11am. :( I feel hungry so we decide to have our breakfast which is just across the Uni. T_T money gone! uwaaaaa! but its worth it. I feel so tired that day coz im not having enough sleep for a past few days coz so damn fucking much of assignment comin.. grrrrr.. have to bear with it. at least for another week coz after that im having my easter break babeh! hehehhehe.

Zaza! Focus! Basyaaa! ;)


Today im attending a welcome dinner for International Student by Adelaide government. It was awesome! Meet some new friend and yeah i had fun. Thought of going to the engineering pub crawl but then the city look like pack today so i refuse to go and decided to have dinner somewhere near Gorger Street. ;) Cool.. the seafood is tip top! And we had fun. Talking bout girl stuff and etc. hahahahha.

The party is quit bored but who cares. The food is free! hahahah ;) so i just enjoying my friday nite! ;)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Im damn fuckin' missing all my bitchess!

OOOIIIII BITCHESS!! im missing all of you larr.. Please! Please! Please! I miss you! I miss you! I miss you!

Stupito! Teks teks! Korean bitch! Bontot Itik! PLs miss me moreeeeee!!!!

Im happy for you ;)

Im happy for you syg.. Live your life to the fullest ok. You have the right to be happy. God always with you. And thanks Panjanggg!! You make my darling smile again.. ;) And of course with sincerity. I love you and always do. Be good!

*hugs hugs*

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Money pls come to mommy!

Money oh money!
pls come to me..
pls come to me..
I need you soo badly..
I really5 do..
Pls make my life easier..
Come to mommy!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Only this..

Only God knows what i kept inside..
If only I can turn back the time..
If only I can change everything easily..
Ill be the happiest person in this entire life!

Love is wanting happiness and everything
that is good for your loved one..
Love is not wanting someone,
it's wanting what is best for them..

I rely on you God,
I just follow the flow..
But give me a sign so that i can understand
everything that u have create for me..
without worrying bout it..
without hurting anyone or anything
I rely on you God..
I really do..

Dear bloggie,
thanx for accompany me all this time..
I love you..and will always do..

Zaza!!! GET A LIFEEEEE!! plssssss.....

hugs hugs!

Monday, March 15, 2010

On This Love...

I can see it in your eyes...
And tasted in our first kiss..

I am a stranger in this lonely town..
Please save me from my emptiness..
You took my hand
And you tell me it'd be okay..
I am trusting you to hold my heart
Now fate is pulling me away from you...

Even if I leave you now and it breaks my heart
Even if I am not around
I wont give in and I cant give up...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Penantian - Kertas

Bulan dengarkan lantunku,
Bintang temanilah aku,
Terangi gelap malamku,

Aku ingin engkau tahu,
Ku kan selalu menunggu
Hilangkan rasa letihku...

Bila nanti kau mengerti
Ku mohon terangi aku...

Dalam hatiku ingatkan aku
Untuk menahan rasa hati lelahku
Yang selalu rindukan tawamu

Dalam hatiku hanya dirimu
Peri malamku yang menghiasi jiwa
Yang rapuh terlalu merindumu...

Dalam hatiku ingatkan aku
Ku kan tetap menantimu hingga hati itu
Kan jadi milikku........

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


'Love is painful'
Yes It Is Painful...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010




Monday, March 8, 2010

Untuk Selamanya

Andainya ku pergi
Usah disesali
Kerana kusangsi
Adakah cinta masih disini..

Andainya kau tahu
Ku mencintaimu
Ku pasti dirimu
Tak akan tegar melukaiku..

Sampai bila akan begini
Menyimpan rahsia hati
Relakanlah aku pergi
Walau cinta masih di hati
Dan air mata menemani
langkah ku yang semakin tak pasti
Membawa kelukaan ini..

Bila sampai waktu nanti
Ku harap kau kan mengerti
Mungkin bahagia atau derita
Takdir ku terima...

Oh Tuhan tunjukkanlah
Cahaya kebenaran
Kenangan bersamamu
Kan bersemadi untuk selamanya...

Saturday, March 6, 2010


Why does he likes so quite today? Did he forget me already? Or did he entertain others? Be safe.

Baby, I'm amazed by you..

Every Time Our Eyes Meet,
There Is A Feelin Inside Me
It's Almost More Than I Can Take
Baby When You Touch Me
I Can Feel How Much You Love Me
And It Just Blows Me Away
I've Never Been This Close To Anyone
Or Anything
I Can Hear your Thoughts, I Can See Your Dreams

I Dunno How You Do What You Do
I'm So In Love With You
It Just Keeps Getting Better
I Wanna Spend The Rest Of My life
With You By My Side
For Ever and Ever
Every Little Thing That You Do
Baby I'm Amazed By You

The Smell Of Your Skin
The Taste of your kiss
The Way You Whisper In The Dark
You're Hair All Around Me
Baby You Surround Me
You Touch Every Place In My Heart
Oh..It Feels Like The First Time, Every Time
I Wanna Spend The Whole Night..In Your Eyes

I Dunno How You Do What You Do
I'm So In Love With You
It Just Keeps Getting Better
I Wanna Spend The Rest Of My life
With You By My Side
For Ever and Ever
Every Little Thing That You Do
Baby I'm Amazed By You

Every Little Thing That You Do
I'm So In Love With You
And It Just Keeps Getting Better
I Wanna Spend The Rest Of My Life
With You By My Side
For Ever And Ever
Every Little Thing That You Do
Every Little Thing That You Do

Baby I'm Amazed By You...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Missing You..

Missing you..
Like sooo much..
Pray harder and everytg will be just fine.
Life is not dat easy. And this is life.
Upside Down. Everyone will feel it.
Just be good and stay the same.
I'll keep u in my mind. Always.
Hugs hugs.

Port Adelaide.

Last weekend pegi Port Adelaide. Kononnya nak beli fresh food la.. coz Len kata bleh dapat murah. Bila pegi je sume kedai tutup. Dammit! dah lah pki short n t-shirt je kott.. sejukkk gila nak mati! then col Len balik. Len kata tempat nk beli fresh food tuh kne pegi naik keta. Tak da bus yg smpi ctu. And dia suh balik cepat coz news cakap ada earthquake and storm kat area beach. Aku pon kelam kabut la balik ngn fong chan. grrrrr... penattt jeee bgn awallll! Pastuh balik umah trus tidoo. letih gila kot.. :( tak dapat makan ketam ngn udangg.. :(

Berbeque at Village

Last Monday ada berbeque kat Village. Makan banyak gila.. tp daging.. :( So terpaksa la jadi vegetarian jap. uwaaaaa!!! sedihhh.. berat dah turun 4kg woooo.. :( nak kurus tapi tak nak jadi skeleton!! cmn nk mkn byk nih.. tak da makanan yg bleh makan pon.. stat berbeque kul 7 camtuh.. and dlm kul 10 baru aku balik umah coz teman kan tom main table tennis. Even tak terror mana pon but boleh la kalo setakat pukul2 tuh. hahahahahah. Overall best coz dapat jumpa kawan baru. Ad Savi, Paige, Jesse, Sonia, Fedelia and ramai lagi la.. Nama tak ingat but muka ingat la.. hukhukhukhuk.

Sesi beraktiviti.

Oh hari nih first day attend choir praktis. Dengan Xio Hui. Yeap as usual meetg new frend and ada choir master yang baru! Missing Eugene.. :( Koir stat pukul 7pm sampai kul 9.30pm. kena rushing coz klas pon abis kul 7.. sib baik tak jauh sgt.. and balik naik van uni. hohohoho.. so tak da la kne jalan kaki. ;)