Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Counting the days...

Oh Gosh.. Im leaving Malaysia for good.. :( So sad.. I'll be away for two years. errggghhhhhh... I'll miss everytg here.. I'll miss my family, him and my good frens.. Hopefully they are doing great here.. So much things to do and i have to get ready mentally and phisically..


Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year...

Don't hold on to the old year or look back. It may have given you smiles or tears. Let go, for they belong to yesterday. Embrace tomorrow with open arms for its coming to give you strength, hope, joy and all your heart yearns for..

I already entered 2010. Life is short, I've to break the rules, forgive and forget quickly, LOVE truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anytg that make me smile.. I dont want to lose anybody or anytg in 2010. I hate to feels lonely and deppresed.

BUT why, deep inside my heart i still feel sad? Did i let go everytg behind? For some reason I feel life is not fair. I cant stop thinking about those shit especially when their names appear or keep hunting me. And the bad memories will play again and again. Like a film. I dunno why on this earth I the only person have to faced ol this? What shud i do? Am i not be fair to you? I cant forget but i can forgive. But i dunt want to only forgive coz i really want to forget. I keep silence for the one and only person i want to die with for diz reason. I cant take those pain. Eventhough I said I'm ok, but actually I'm not ok. I feel sad. Pls God take away those feeling. I want to just love him truly and trust him. Pls dont make this difficult for me n for us. I just want to be happy. Thats all. Thanks.

Pls make it easy for us and for our relationship. A big welcome to 2010, my happiness and Go To Hell those shit in 2009.