Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bridging Program, mission accomplished.

Oh at last the bridging program comes to the end!! grrrr... i miss my class n dr carol already. Anyway we did very well today for the presentation!!!! I did the introduction part, Len's doing the case study, Jerry is doing the factors n conclusion and Xiao Hui is doing the recommendations part.yahooooooo!! we get a good comment from the teachers. woohooooo!!! And here's the comment bout it. Check it out peeps! ;)


Topic: Cross Cultural communication in business negotiations

Name of Student: Bui Ngoc Tan, Chye Xiao Hui, Gu Yao, Siti Zaharah Rezaly, Sok Len

Organisation: Good introduction - good team work, slides well done (not too many and clear), still same grammar errors but really very good. Timing well controlled. All speakers well integrated.

Content: Well developed discussion with good examples.

Language: Really very good. All speakers quite clear. English excellent.

Voice: Again, this was good. Keep working on how to be able to deliver without relying on reading too much so that the face can be up and the voice well projected.

Relationship with Audience: Mostly very good. Its important to keep practicing how to maintain eye contact and hold the audience interest. Questions well handled.

Overall: You all appear to have worked well as a group. Thank you. Well done.


Topic: Cross-cultural communication in business negotiations

Name of Student: Bui Ngoc Tan, Chye Xiao Hui, Gu Yao, Siti Zaharah Rezaly, Sok Len

Structure: The structure is very good and set out as required.

Content: The content is comprehensive with an adequate amount of examples.

Tone and Style: Try not to (never) use 1st or 2nd person pronouns in academic writing. Even if the original has that its important to change it (exception direct quote). Use impersonal writing, 3rd person or passive.

Referencing: Referencing is well done with a variety of author prominent and not prominent in text references. List is excellent.

Grammar and Spelling: This is really very good. Check the editing i've done on the pages and make sure you understand.

Overall: This is a good report overall and shows positive team work.


Im not doing well for my presentation rehearsal today. I shud do better tomorro. So to overcome my tense i go for shopping. I bought a shoes from Betth for AUD29 and a dinner bag for AUD30 since im having dinner with seniors this friday. After that i grab a Blackberry too! Goshh! I knoe its sounds too much! But im so tense today.. :(

Park for Melepak!

Theres a park behind my uni that i really5 love to go. Its a park that we can do a picnic or hanging around if theres no letcure going on. Very clean. Theres a lake there. And i love to be there during my lunch time chatting with my friend n release my tense. Its a place for relaxing.. I like it.. Much..

Fringe Opening Night Parade!

Last friday im going to this Parade. But im not sure what is it actually. But when im there i realy5 miss my family. I saw ppl come with their family holding hands with each other.. Im crying without noticing.. It was fun. Ppl in Adelaide are very friendly and open minded. Im coming back to Village at 8 plus. I'll come for this event again next year...

Glenegl Beach!

Last saturday im going to the beach with friends. The weather is quit cold and windy even though theres a sun. I prepare fried mee n sandwich early morning. We go there by tram. And it was fun. Its just im scared of shark! Even its baby shark im still scared. And i donno how to swimm.. :( Im scared..

Orientation Week.

Now the orientation week is coming. I have to prepare for next week. Class will start on monday. i Have class everyday. Make me feel moree sickk! No time for relaxing.. grrrrr... I want to go back to Malaysia..

Mood= Home Sick!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Free Bbq for Lunch!

Oh today was really5 a tiring day for me. I have to rush everywhere. First to the Nexus Building in front of Uni, then have to go to Bar Smith Library, had a free BBQ for lunch at Pfitzner Court. Then rushing back to Hughes Building to hear a special lecture about Plagiarism by Dr Carol Gibson. And again back to the library to print out my journals for the assignment. I was thinking to put a video in my presentation. Maybe Len and Jeren need to be my actor. hahha. I think they r good in acting thou! :p Len will be the Indian businessman and Jeren will be the Americans businessman. (Sorry Len, ill do the dialogue) hahahha.

And the berbeque session was great. Ive enjoyed the food a lot. Like the best salad i ever eat? Super tiring day for me. And i really missing home and you...

Till here for today. Need to do the cooking for dinner. Ill make Nasi Goreng Kampung? Malaysian style. Of course! i cant eat the food here.. its too cheesyyy.. :( I already lose my weight like 2.5kg? Nak balik Malaysia!!!!! Plss..


Pls God. Help me. Help him too. Help everyone on earth. So they can get back to normal. A happy person. Full of laughter and happiness.. Pls. I want to laugh like i'll leave the world tomorrow. Pls. Make me happy. For once in a lifetime. Just for this one. Pls. Make it real.

Back to school.

Yeay, Im back to school. Again. But now im doing my Master in Finance and Business Economics. It sounds hard but for now i think its quit suits me. I love to go to my uni coz the building is sooo unique and there is a lake behind our uni which we can hang around and relaxing.

I think i shud relax now. Theres a lot of things i have to focus at. Its just a beginning of study session. And it will be a lot of assessment and exam as well. I need to FOCUS. and ive start to feel homesick! Mak! Nak balikkk!!!

I hope i can make it till the end. Oh God pls help me.. :'(