Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Well.. final result result is alredi out.. n thanx God i achieved 3.0 above.. huhuhu.. i thought ive repeat papers becoz diz sem all of my subject is quit heavy n i feel suck during my exam time.. at last.. when result come out i feel very release ( is it?hurrmmm..).. huhuhu.. now its time to enjoy my life till the fullest! i cant wait to see uya performs today.. n i think it been a while im not going to titiwangsa.. hurmmm.. so titiwangsa!!!!1 here i come.. =)

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Influence

huhuhuhu.. welcome to my bloggie everybody.. actually im not a kind of u know really interested in this bloggie thing.. but.. urrrmm ive been influence by iza sengal..huhuhu.. but when i saw her blog and her basic attire blog ( new buss of her.. guess so..hu3) i become a bit excited to create my own bloggie.. n now.. here u are.. so juz keep in viewing my blog ok.. juz for fun only whut.. huhuhu.. tq =)