Monday, May 10, 2010

My Favourite.

You are my favorite,
The only one i can talk to
About everything and anything
The only person I do cherish with all my heart
Who wipe my tears when im sad
Give me his hand when im fall

You are my favorite
The only one in my life
We fight everyday
We argue about everything
But still you are my favorite
A person who trust me so much
Yes you are.

Hold my hand and
Hugs me tightly
If God wants to test our love
Let it be..
Then we will stand strong
I know we can make it till the end baby,
I know we will.
I trust in you
Only you..
Only times will tell
Only times will show us the way..
The way that we really deserve
And we deserve to be together
After all that we've been through
Just me and you..

p/s: I love you <3

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